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Delightful ?stanbul

?stanbul/Kad?k�y/ T�rkiye



Camp Activities

Did you know that cooking can help soothe stress, build self-esteem and curb negative thinking by focusing your mind on following a recipe? Imagine having a week-long cooking class in a gorgeous metropolis with your soon-to-be best friends, then adding some more summer-time fun activities, and finally, season it with casual chitchat over a cup of Turkish coffee� and voila! You�ve got Delightful Istanbul. Comprehensive gastronomic workshops, tastings, and even giving you all a chance to shine behind the stove. Afraid you�re gonna burn something? No worries!, we even planned a full-day Firefighter Training where you get to dress up(yes the whole bunker coat and helmet) and learn how to handle the flames. Ever had a Turkish coffee fortune reading? Well now not only you will get one, but you will also get to learn the occult art behind it. These and many more, with a Cook-Off on our last day of the camp where you�ll produce a fusion masterpiece with your cooking partner will all be a part of your journey with us.
Special Requirements: This camp is for people who not only like to cook, but also are willing to. You�ll be expected to cook(whether it be by yourself and/or helping out your fellow campers). This camp is not for you if you�re a picky eater, on a strict diet(whether by choice or necessity), or have a medical condition that forbids you from consuming a wide range of food options.

Host family Activities

?stanbul is a city with famous for its own culture and history. There are lots of historical places and tourist attractions to see. Families will take them to these places also they will experience Turkish family culture�

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325 EURO

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