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Exploring The Heart of Asia- 300B2 Taiwan Camp


China Taiwan


Camp Activities

Day 1: Visiting The iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper ���Enjoying gastronomic delight at National Palace Museum with nearly 700,000 precious ancient artworks��� Exploring Taipei Grand Hotel, a 14-story palace-like building with red columns, gilded tiles and a magnificent, grandiose, regal, classic presence, a must-visit great gem of Chinese culture���The Welcome Party ��� Accommodation in Taipei Day 2: Paintball Theme Park - Paint ball, Barbecue Feast are all included���Experiencing the Taiwan unique culture NIGHT MARKET at Ximending, the most lively and international area in Taipei���Accommodation in Taipei Day 3: Visiting the "Golden Mountain City" Jiufen ��� Jimi Square - The theme square draws from famous picture book artist Jimmy's The Starry Star Night The Sound of Colors, and Turn Left Turn Right to present the concepts of travel" and "scenes and sights in life� through public art installations ��� Heading to The hometown of Sansing Scallion, acquiring the knowledge of this unique scallion cultivation and the opportunity to hand made your own Scallion Pancake��� Visiting Luodong night market ���Accommodation in Yilan Day 4: Processed to Hualien via the highway with the magnificent coastal spectacle of Taiwan��� Taroko National Park, named after Taroko Gorge. The word Taroko means "magnificent and beautiful" in the local tribe's language. The park is full of magnificent gorges and cliffs. It is one of Taiwan's national parks and it's a great opportunity to experience some of the island's untouched natural beauty��� Lunch at Hualian this synergetic creation of mountains and water wonderland��� Visiting the most beautiful section is between the Tunnel of Nine Turns and Swallow Grotto. �In this section, would clearly see the river cutting through the mountain range, and the curvature of terrain is the most glorious fascination with its natural design��� Dinner ��� Accommodation in Hualian
Day 5: Rafting - A white water rafting trip on the Xiuguluan River, the longest in Eastern Taiwan. The trip, which lasts three to four hours, passes through 20 sets of rapids of varying degrees of difficulty, offers the perfect mix of scenery and excitement ��� Baci Gazebo- the highest vantage point on the coastal highway which provide the best location to witness the volcanic crater and the nearby bay Gui-hou Cape��� Accommodation in Hualian
Day 6: Jungle flight - Enjoy the dense forests, overlooking the mountains, river valleys and plains, and enjoy the fun of being one with nature. There are 39 platforms, 20 zip lines, 20 suspension Bridges, a parkour wall and a courage jump.��� Cycling at Mr. Brown Avenue -A scenic cycling and walking route in northern Taitung County, running through golden rice fields with a beautiful picturesque settings. Described as a �green road of paradise�, this long, open road is a favourite for cyclists and visitors wanting to ride comfortably through peaceful fields with a beautiful mountain view ��� Accommodation in Taitung Day 7: Duoliang Train Station- Advantaged geographical location, overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean landscape, on the other side of the steep mountain ups and downs of the foil, magnificent momentum, coupled with the railway after, due to its unique flavor become a well-known tourist attractions, for many tourists yearn for���Kararuan recreation area - the home to a creative market and installation art, a group of East Coast art enthusiasts sharing their dreams, lifestyles and ideas. Visitors can experience the combination of nature, simplicity, creativity and original flavor of the sea, making Galulan Recreation area a natural and artistic coast.��� Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area - With its flawless blue sea, fine white soft sand, and stunning undersea views, Not only has a complete coral reef, but also provide the abundant Marine life in incredible high seawater transmittance���Accomodation in the second host family

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