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Brussels Lions Youth Camp

The program will be a mixture of getting to discover Belgium during visits to its main cities and places and also sportive activities and games.

A more detailed program will be published here when it is ready.

Practical info:

- Camp Period: July 13th - July 27th 2024

- Base Camp: Brussels

- Arrival / Departure Airport: Brussels (BRU)

- Host Family: Before camp period Interested?

If you're interested in coming to Belgium, contact your District's YCE responsable via your local Lions Club! Ask him to contact Paul Vanderhaeghen and to send all documents to him on Act quickly! Places are limited!!!

Join our Facebook group for the latest news about our camp:

Lions YCE Camp BelgiumMD112

Pictures from our camp 2022

Testimonials about our camp 2022

Choosing the Belgian camp was the best decision in my life. It changed me in the best way possible. Meeting al these people was a great experience, I can never forget them. The camp was awesome all the coordinators were weet and kind and the programs were unforgettable. I had only one problem that maybe there was too many programs and not enough resting days... But still the best two weeks in my life. I made friendships for life and i can't be thankful enough for them.


Lions was very helpful throughout the whole experience. My host family were very kind and good at showing me Belgium, and their everyday life. The experiences with the camp, for example the day-trip to Walibi was very funny, and also the day-trip to Burssels where I saw the parlement was very interesting. The times were the whole group were invited to some of the lions-people houses were also very nice. I'm very grateful for the three weeks in Belgium.


First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to the MD 380 B1 Malaysia Youth Camp and Exchange and MD 112 Belgium Youth Camp and Exchange for giving me with the chance to participate in the camp. The team did a good job of planning the camp. The schedule was a little too jam-packed, it would be better to have one more day of less intense activities with the campers and put more effort into finishing the group task would create better bonding among the campers. I enjoyed staying with both of my host families because they were so kind and lovely towards me. Before moving me to the second host family, they talked to each other so they could take me to places I had never been. As a result, I was able to visit four different Belgian borders which are France Paris, Netherlands Maastrict, Germany Aachen, and Luxemburg.
Being able to attend the camp with the other 33 campers from 20 different countries, making lifelong friendships, and creating memories that will make us in tears and think back on when we're older, has truly made me grateful. We enjoyed the all the activities that you have planned for all of us and it created many core memories for all of us especially for me where I get to turn from. 23 to 24 during this camp. That would be one of my favorite day to remember from the camp. In my opinion, to be able to serve the community during the exchange is extremely meaningful as a member of Leo club. I will make all my spent money back but I’ll never able to experience Belgium Youth Exchange Programme being at the age of 23 again. Life is short, and every moment is precious.


I can gladly say that the Belgium camp is the best one worldwide. All activities, at least for me were perfectly arranged. So the program was a 10 out of 10. The camp coordinators were motivating and supportive. My host family was incredibly friendly. We went to many museums like la piscine and they made my stay unforgettable.


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