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There's a whole

Youth Camp & Exchange Team!

Lions Club
Astrid Ricquier
Leo Club Schelde-Leie
+32 496 20 99 47
Stijn Renier
President National Commission
LC Aarschot
+32 475 78 25 93
Paul Vanderhaeghen
LC Damme Zwin
'+32 479 72 95 20
Guy Soetaert
Responsable District 112 A
LC De Haan permekeland
+32 475 76 12 92
Dirk De Beule
Responsable District112 B
LC Antwerpen Voorkempen
+32 478 44 69 98
Pierre Meyssonnier
Responsable District112 C
LC Schaerbeek Les Cerisiers
+32 477 20 08 88
Georges Loix
Responsable District112 D
LC Hannut
+32 497 05 89 40
Frank Lauwers
Secretary outgoing Europe
LC Bruxelles Royal
+32 473 22 20 04
Paul Berghmans
Secretary outgoing USA & Canada
LC Mechelen
+32 473 85 06 25
Alexander Vissers
Secretary outgoing Far destinations
LC Antwerpen-Moerland
+32 497 91 99 52
Stijn Renier
Secretary Incoming
LC Aarschot
+32 475 78 25 93

And this is our organigram!

Organigram 2.jpg

1. The person holding  this position is responsible for the organisation of the YCE Committee meetings and making the protocols in both languages. Also for the organisation of the information sessions first with interested lion families and secondly with the active participants.


2.During the Europa forum agreements are made with different countries regarding the youngsters Belgium will accept as well as the number of participants Belgium can, send to that country. These agreements are fixed in contracts.

3.This function deals with the follow-up of all incoming AP’s, based upon the contracts made with European countries. Also specific elements such as allergies, food preferences etc. need to be recorded in order to select the best suited host family.

4.This function deals with numerous aspects such as everything related with the camp site, collaboration with the Lions club delivering the needed support, finding and coaching of the assistants, elaborate an activity program (incl. transport) partly together with the districts (day spend per district), finding sponsors and take care of transport for the return of the youngsters after the camp.

5.Pr relates to all responsibilities concerning identifying of, market research on and purchasing of goods to be given to as well the departing youngsters as the ones coming over to Belgium. The logistics thereof is evidently an important issue.

As this is a functional organisational chart, it must be clear that a number of functions can be held by the same individuals. All depends on the workload and the interest (s)he has in certain area’s. It is the prerogative of the chairman to identify the best suited volunteers willing to take up these responsibilities.

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