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Lions Camp Imagine Peace

Jeloya, Moss, Norway



Camp Activities

Welcome to our international youth camp in the south-eastern part of Norway, "Camp Imagine Peace".
The theme is "Peace, culture and environment".

Camp Imagine Peace started in 2011 after the terror attack at Utoya. This is one of the interesting sites we will visit during the camp. The students at the ongoing camp in Norway at that point really wanted to help. They showed compassion, care and love for all of these people, these strangers from another country, and most importantly, they showed us that we are all equal humans no matter where we originate from.

The purpose of our camp is to make friends across the borders, across religions, political views and different upbringings. It s to help the youth - the future - to understand that we cannot all be branded as a person by the things we might identify ourselves with, but by the heart and soul inside, as an individual.

We visit sightings in Norway/ostfold/Akershus that have helped our country to where we are today, parts of Norway s everyday life and culture. This means there will be both outdoor activities and guided tours at historic sights.

At the end of the camp the students will perform in "The Final Show" for the host families in which the students are free to show something from their own country, or another talent they have. We encourage student to bring an instrument or check if their instrument might be available at the camp.

Host family Activities

To experience living with a Norwegian family

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2000 NOK

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