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Meet Nature and History in a Different way

Tryavna, Bulgaria



Camp Activities

Indoor activities include workshops in natural sciences, ecology and astronomical observations. Participants will use Internet-based resources, e.g. websites, blogs, portals for space and astronomy, as well as learning materials from the Scientix platform. Together with the trainers, they will build a great part of the visual aids from available waste materials, taking their individual preferences into consideration. Astronomy software will be used to create 3D images of cells and astronomical objects and determine their sizes. The activities are designed and based on highly interactive and collaborative training methods.
Outdoor activities include bird watching, historical hunts, nature exploration and an Astro party- telescope observations of visible planets, nebulae and galaxies. Laser astroshow of the constellations and their myths and legends. Participants will go hiking or cycling to nearby sights for these activities.

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250 EURO

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